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Cloud Solutions

The advancement of cloud solutions and technologies has created a transformation in how most companies consume infrastructure services. Today, most of us find ourselves in a hybrid cloud state, consuming compute services in a variety of ways. IaaS, PaaS and SaaS have become everyday words. However, when it comes managing and integrating cloud solutions with internal IT systems and practices, many organisations struggle.

Hybrid cloud is the ticket to an ultimate IT experience. Hybrid environments connect on-premise systems to one or more public cloud solutions.  This sets you up to accelerate IT services, and, in the end, helps you become digitally enabled.

However, there are challenges and risks involved with taking the plunge into hybrid solutions. The growing capabilities of hyperscale platforms, like AWS and Azure, come with an intense, ever-changing burden of complexity that requires you to modify tools and teams continuously. Mistakes once contained within your data center are often amplified in the public cloud. It’s common for strategic directives, such as “get out of the data center business” and “automate everything,” to transform into hyper-expensive projects that consume IT organizations for years.

Business benefits

Scale up and down to meet sudden spikes

Accelerate service delivery

Enhance security

Affordable and reliable backup and recovery

Enable DevOps to test new solutions quickly

Optimize IT spending

Develop Your Cloud Roadmap

Develop Your Cloud Roadmap

Logicalis Cloud Advisory Services & Your Business

When you need help making the right choice for your Cloud Solutions, Logicalis Cloud Advisory Services will be your perfect guide. We’ll identify the best private, public, and hybrid cloud mix for your cloud journey. And we’ll do so objectively and meticulously.

Logicalis will work with you to create a cloud roadmap that applies a phased approach with measurable milestones. We’ll help optimise potential, encourage agile practices and achieve best value at each step of the way.

You’ll be taking advantage of a Cloud Advisory Service that’s designed specifically to align your corporate and business objectives and match them with your IT capabilities and resources. 

From inception to delivery, our Cloud Advisory Service will partner with you through each phase of your cloud transformation journey; guiding, aligning, accelerating and achieving.

Logicalis Advisory Services provide you with: