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IT Resourcing

Flexible Resourcing refers to temporary employment of professionals, or a team of people, on a fixed term contract basis, to perform a set of clearly defined responsibilities.

Flexible Resourcing from Logicalis provides organisations with strategic resourcing solutions that allow them to manage IT headcount in a smarter and more innovative way.

The business benefits

Timely access to specialist staff

Holiday, absentee and seasonal demand cover

Projects completed on time and within budget

Turn fixed costs into variable costs

Remove costs associated with recruiting permanent resources

Access to a wider talent pool



A constant challenge for any organisation is ensuring that they have the skills that they need when they need them, while at the same time managing headcount constraints and costs; such as recruitment, training, salaries and pensions. This is particularly the case when it comes to IT staff where the dynamic nature of many IT projects, such as a new infrastructure rollout, an infrastructure refresh or the implementation of a new software solution, can create peaks and troughs in resourcing demands.

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