Our teams experience

The Logicalis team includes some of the most highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals in our industry.  Below, we have outlined some of the strategic consulting projects that they have been involved in. 

Digital Workplace, Unified Communications

Customer Challenge: The customer needed to be able to manage large volumes of phone calls during the COVID-19 crisis while employees were based at home. However, their ageing on-premise telephone system (PABX) was remotely inaccessible and lacked the capacity to manage the number of calls expected.

The Solution: To enable the customer to maintain operations while working remotely, Logicalis implemented Cisco Webex calling within an hour.

Benefits to the Customer: Immediately, the organisation was provided with phone numbers and access to a cloud-based phone system, available to both on-premise and remote users. In less than a week, they had a fully operational and accessible COVID-19 emergency line which was capable of managing a large volume of calls.

Cloud Solutions, Security, Data Storage

Customer Challenge: The customer′s internal development and testing teams were struggling to progress new versions of solutions into production in a timely manner. The process wasn’t flexible enough for the development teams, resulting in a shortage of resources both in terms of infrastructure and people. Additionally, the development, testing and production workloads were all sitting within the same environment.

The Solution: A controlled environment for development was designed and implemented on Microsoft Azure and users were trained via workshops. Citrix Cloud provided secure access for users. Vendor firewalls secured the Azure environment facilitating greater flexibility and central management. A tag and alert system gave the organisation usage transparency across all departments and full control over costs.

Benefits to the Customer: The technologies provided created a much more agile, flexible and scalable infrastructure which also reduced the time taken by teams to release new versions of software into production from three or four days to a couple of hours.


Customer Challenge: The customer, a major automobile manufacturer in Europe, had no real-time security monitoring and incident response capabilities. This issue was made even more complex by the fact that the organisation required security for more than 30,000 endpoints. It was also working with old, manual controls for audit and assessment purposes.

The Solution: As well as endpoint protection with McAfee antivirus and Antimalware software, a number of solutions were put in place to deliver security analytics (including malware analysis) to the customer. Solutions were also implemented to allow the team to better manage vulnerabilities and quickly identify security threats.

Benefits to the Customer: The customer is protected with 24/7 security monitoring by highly skilled threat identifiers, enabling quick incident detection and response. The organisation also enjoys greater visibility and real-time security monitoring for over 3,000 devices. It is not only able to better detect threats through behaviour analytics but is also better positioned to uphold compliance requirements. Thanks to daily, weekly and monthly reports, the company has more transparency of its threat landscape and security posture. The security operations model that was adopted also supports scalability of the solution as the needs of the customer evolve.

Digital Workplace, Virtual Desktops

Customer Challenge: As a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, the customer had to relocate all employees to work from home within five days. With several hundred users needing to connect to their desktop applications remotely, the move raised security concerns for the organisation. Furthermore, the customer’s firewall did not have the capacity to handle the potential number of VPN connections required to accommodate every employee.

The Solution: Logicalis installed a HiveIO RDP Gateway through which every employee could securely connect to their work PC from home. Due to the fact that HiveIO has flexible hardware requirements, Logicalis was able to implement the solution without installing any new hardware.

Benefits to the Customer: The customer got the experience and advantages of a VDI solution, but without the cost or lead-time associated with acquiring new hardware.

Infrastructure Refresh, Financing

Customer Challenge: An organisation that had recently suffered a 90% drop in business had a significant amount of Cisco hardware that was end-of-life and out of support impacting its ability to support business objectives and drive company growth.

The Solution: Logicalis was able to work with Cisco to provide a proposal for the customer to refresh the affected hardware, while taking advantage of Cisco’s deferred payment programme and competitive financing through Cisco Capital.

Benefits to the Customer: The solution and tailored support provided allowed the customer to proceed with vital IT refresh projects while being mindful of cash flow, especially in a challenging economy.

Infrastructure Refresh, Unified Communications

Customer Challenge: The customer had a 25-year-old telephone system that had no manufacturer support and could not be reconfigured, upgraded or changed.

The Solution: Using Cisco’s flexible licensing options, the entire telephone system was replaced, including new handsets equipped with the latest features for all staff.

Benefits to the Customer: By using its existing infrastructure and telecom provider, the organisation enjoyed a 75% reduction in monthly calling costs. This allowed it to pay for the system in less than two years, using the savings generated by this technological upgrade.

Infrastructure Refresh, Networking and Connectivity

Customer Challenge: To deliver the digital technology roadmap for a client in the financial services, the existing infrastructure needed to be upgraded and server connectivity improved.

The Solution: Over the course of 18 months, the infrastructure was upgraded in the organisations Datacentres to create a flat network environment. The server connectivity was also migrated from dedicated copper connectivity over individual 1Gb interfaces to fibre interfaces utilising port-channel technology.

Benefits to the Customer: The flat network environment simplified administration and maintenance.  The provision of fibre to facilitate the network switch upgrades also had the knock-on effect of increasing bandwidth from individual 1Gb copper interfaces to 20Gb port-channel connectivity. Features in the selected switches facilitated a cleaner traffic flow by removing undesirable inter-datacentre traffic.

Security, Cloud Services 

Customer Challenge: The customer wanted to access a cloud service using single sign-on (SSO)

The Solution: The solution was to implement Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and configure a relying party trust between the cloud provider and the ADFS. Developed to provide flexibility, ADFS gives organisations the ability to control their employees’ accounts while simplifying the user experience: employees only need to remember a single set of credentials to access multiple applications through SSO.

Benefits to the Customer:

ADFS solves the problem of users who need to access AD integrated applications while working remotely, offering a flexible solution whereby they can authenticate using their standard organisational AD credentials via a web interface.

Desktop Management 

Customer Challenge: The customer had no way of centrally managing the organisation’s desktops.     

The Solution: By implementing ManageEngine Desktop Central the client was now able to automate their regular desktop management routines, such as installing patches, distributing software, managing their IT inventory and assets, manage software licenses, monitor software usage statistics, manage USB device usage and take control of remote desktops if needed. 

Benefits to the Customer: The customer now has a simple and effective way of managing their desktops from a central console.


Customer Challenge: The customer needed a number of their services to be highly available.   

The Solution: VMware vSphere HA cluster provided high availability for virtual machines by pooling the virtual machines and the hosts they reside on into a cluster. Hosts in the cluster are monitored and in the event of a failure, the virtual machines on a failed host are restarted on alternate hosts.

Benefits to the Customer: The technologies used, had the effect of reducing unplanned downtime by providing rapid recovery from outages as well as cost-effective high availability for applications.