The rise of the project economy

As more and more companies struggle to deal with the increasingly digital nature of business, project management is coming into its own.

Are there any companies out there that remain undisrupted by the digital economy? The answer is probably not, because from retail to services to logistics to manufacturing, huge change has occurred in the way businesses and consumers interact with each other in recent years.

Powering this revolution are the ‘change projects’ companies are undertaking to help make them fit for purpose in a digital economy. And for those companies that don’t have access to project management skills in-house, that means working with one of the many project management services organisations operating in Ireland.

Architects of Change delivering Digital Transformation Projects

For many companies, projects are the way they keep pace with change in the market when that change requires them to think deeply about their fitness to meet market demands.

“We see ourselves as architects of change. We design and deliver our customers’ digital transformation projects, using our industry knowledge and technological expertise,” said Phillip Bergin, professional services manager with Logicalis.

Demand for Network, Security and Cloud Projects Growing

Historically Logicalis completed a large number of infrastructure and data centre-style projects and while it still carries those out, in recent years it’s seeing a lot more demand for project management in the network, security and cloud space.

“Technology has never been as innovative as it is today and the pace of change is huge. There’s a good quote from Justin Trudeau where he said that ‘the pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again’. That makes sense to me,” said Bergin.

CIO under pressure to deliver Service Innovation

Every year, Logicalis carries out a chief information officer (CIO) survey internationally, and in 2019 it spoke to around 840 CIOs across the globe.

“What we found is that as well as system availability being a core requirement of the CIO’s job – keeping the lights on and the show on the road – there is also pressure from business units to deliver service innovation,” said Bergin.

“They’re looking to deliver innovation fast and if a CIO doesn’t do that then the concept of shadow IT comes into play, in which the business will go out and provision themselves with whatever they need anyway. This can be done in the cloud without needing to spend massive amounts on capital investment. All that’s needed is an internet connection and a credit card.”

Changing nature of Project Management

One area in which project management is changing, according to Bergin, is that certain aspects of IT have taken on increased levels of importance in recent years. The result is that companies are engaging with project management specialists in an effort to make sure they are ‘covered off’ in these areas.

“Security is a good example. In the past, companies would deliver a project, and at the end ask themselves how they could secure it. Now that’s a key requirement from the very outset. ‘How secure is this going to be?’ is often the first question asked at the beginning,” Bergin said.

Philip Bergin

Philip Bergin, Professional Services Manager, Logicalis  LinkedIn-Logo-R.png

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