Better managed services, better business

Managed services have become a mainstay of enterprise IT. But recent months have shown that service providers are the grease that has kept the wheel of business turning throughout troubled times

If business continued at all in recent months, it was because information and communications technology (ICT) allowed it to. From remote working to collaboration to things the public is entirely unaware of – such as distributed contact centres – it was our computing, networking and storage that kept us going.

Behind this, though, there is a more complex picture. Why were some businesses better able to cope than others?

Apart from obvious examples where work was forced to come to a halt due to social distancing regulations, such as manufacturing and in-store retail, IT capability was also a clear issue.

Coronavirus changed the workplace overnight 

Tadhg Cashman, services director at Logicalis Ireland, shared his experiences with Connected: when the coronavirus pandemic first took hold, the landscape changed overnight.

“The government locked down and everyone had to transition to 100 per cent of their workforce working remotely. That was a major issue,” said Cashman.

“It caused a number of our customers to recalibrate their IT infrastructure to accommodate that level of remote working. We had one customer with hundreds of staff who were predominantly office-based and, overnight, they had to rearchitect their IT infrastructure. It caused a major bottleneck on their VPN infrastructure and in their core infrastructure, but we scrambled a team to allow it to work."

The result was positive and after an initial rush, things settled down. Uncertainty remains, though.

“There was an initial quick assessment of where everyone was, and once it settled down and remote working was enabled the focus changed. A number of projects and investments were put on hold or deferred and I think the landscape changed the priorities for the chief information officer for the year ahead,” Cashman said.

This uncertainty is right across all industries and sectors, as we just don’t know what the world will look like three months hence.

Disruption and resilience for businesses and IT

“The pandemic did cause disruption to the business community and to IT,” said Cashman. “From our perspective, it had an impact on field service.”

As managed services have allowed firms to continue doing the business of business, there are signs that the sector itself will grow as customers come to rely on it more and more, principally for reasons of stability.

“One of the interesting things is that our remote managed service capability and our managed service business has been very resilient. We know that customers do rely on external specialist service providers and we think it will drive an even greater requirement for external service providers,” Cashman said.

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