Rapid Support Services

In response to some of our customers’ most pressing challenges, we have instituted Rapid Support Services designed to facilitate the need to deploy remote workers, maintain security and infrastructure readiness, and provide supplemental IT staff support. All services are designed to be delivered quickly and remotely by our team of experienced Engineers.

Remote Worker Access at Scale 
This service assesses policy and technical capacity around a significant increase in mobile workforce enablement. Any gaps in support of VPN, authentication, or security will be identified. This can include, for example, exploring Cisco’s current no charge Duo and Umbrella offerings.

Deliverables: Recommendations for readily available platforms to facilitate increased capacity and transition into a secured mobile environment.

Rapid Support Services Datasheet

Remote Worker Security:
Many organisations rely on the security of their corporate network and are not fully prepared for a highly mobile workforce. Attackers are already taking advantage of this and using targets like remote VPN to obtain access. Implementing proper protections can prevent an already difficult situation from becoming a nightmare. This service helps organisations implement tools and policies to support a more mobile workforce.

Deliverables: Recommendations on how to secure remote workers and the potential deployment of free security trial solutions to get through the crisis. This can include Cisco Umbrella, DUO, and AnyConnect, as well as Microsoft tools, lsuch as Microsoft Teams and Azure MFA.

Rapid Support Services Datasheet

Critical IT Infrastructure Review
As people change how they work and access the corporate network, your IT infrastructure will be put under pressure and may be subject to outages. Using performance monitoring software, we can remotely assess your IT infrastructure to identify the source of performance issues. We can also monitor your physical, virtual and cloud-based networks on an ongoing basis.

Deliverables: A highly sophisticated and powerful infrastructure monitoring and alerting service based on LogicMonitor technology, that is quick and easy to deploy, with a web portal that displays in-depth metrics and device/system information, is highly extensible, and has very sophisticated alerting capabilities.

Rapid Support Services Datasheet

Critical Infrastructure Support

Customers may experience delays or disruption to availability of key staff members. Staff augmentation can fill any gaps and provide knowledge to guard against disruption and assist in the recovery of normal business operations. Remote high- end engineering resources are available for networking and data centre support in instances of staff shortages. Logicalis will provide key skills for ongoing administration, configuration, and maintenance of critical infrastructure.

Deliverables: A team of engineers will work closely to provide support without the cost of an ongoing FTE. This will offer a best efforts SLA and be dispatched through Logicalis services via phone, email, and portal.

Rapid Support Services Datasheet

Collaboration Preparedness
Enabling communication and collaboration to continue uninterrupted is an important area of focus as we move to a remote workforce. Studies have shown that video enabled platforms are critical for remote workers. They enable us to see facial expressions and body language, which are very important for understanding other people’s responses.

Team Collaboration Platforms: Setting up a collaboration platform is valuable for employees who are used to working in a setting where they can collaborate live through instant messages, video conferencing, meeting sharing, and content sharing.

Deliverables: Planning, design, and implementation of basic environment and / or advice and guidance on enhancement of existing collaboration platforms in use to support increased demands.

Rapid Support Services Datasheet

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