Are you configuring and securing your Azure environment correctly to protect and optimise your data? 

Regardless of what public cloud environment you are deploying, your IT department remains responsible for the governance and security of organisational data stored within it, which means you must ensure that you are adequately managing and safeguarding same. This process, however, can become difficult if services are deployed without following an approved framework.  

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly heightened this risk and complicated matters as organisations deployed workloads in haste to public clouds, such as Azure, to resolve business critical issues and enable remote access to applications for all employees working from home. 

Simultaneously, shadow IT created new headaches for teams as employees started using their own hardware and sometimes signing up for “easy-to-deploy” cloud services without notifying the IT department. 

As a result, organisational data may have been moved to an Azure environment without IT undertaking the usual risk assessments to fully understand the potential impact of these services on security, compliance and costs.        

If you are concerned about how you are governing and securing your Azure environment, or are worried about receiving a shock bill due to unaccounted subscriptions, we can help you by undertaking an audit of your cloud environment and assessing it against a number of crucial elements.  

Validate your Azure design against a Microsoft Approved Cloud Framework

The Logicalis Azure Environment Assessment will audit your Azure environment and evaluate the design and operational effectiveness in terms of security and governance, performance and optimisation, scalability and efficient usage.

The assessment report written by our Cloud and Azure experts, will align the design of your Azure environment against the Logicalis Production Ready Cloud Platform, our Microsoft approved reference architecture for a secure landing zone built following Microsoft best working practice.

Azure Environment Assessment datasheet 

Logicalis: Your Azure Expert MSP Partner 

Logicalis has the experience and resources needed to help you get the most out of your Azure environment. 

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