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Hybrid, multicloud approach - the emerging trend for enterprises

Enterprises are adopting a hybrid, multicloud approach to enable greater flexibility and application modernisation. This involves taking more than one cloud service, from more than one cloud vendor – public or private. For instance, an organisation might use Azure for its Marketing and Sales email service, Amazon Web Services for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, and IBM Cloud for its Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Why the move towards a multicloud approach?

Multicloud offers companies more choice in terms of how to manage their data. Organisations are gradually realising that no two workloads are the same and that by opting for multiple cloud providers, they are getting what they need for each individual workload. Not only does this remove the limitations of a single vendor cloud strategy, it increases the chance of overall success.  

Navigating the multicloud world

As organisations rely on multiple cloud providers to meet their business objectives they are challenged with navigating multiple cloud environments while meeting the demands of their most critical business priorities.

According to a study by the IBM Institute of Business Value, more than 60% of customers don’t have the tools and procedures to manage and operate in a complex multicloud environment. This can slow the progress of moving high priority workloads to use the cloud and can unintentionally introduce risk to an organisation.

IBM Cloud Paks address the hybrid, multicloud challenges

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Multicloud - Transform your IT environment Your Cloud Strategy Cloud Blogs and Articles Your Technology Partners

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