More than just a silver lining…

The cloud is, by definition, a shifting concept. Different people or organisations have different perspectives on the cloud—some technical, some business-related, some service oriented.

We combine all three perspectives to take a holistic view of the cloud and how it can be used to help you.

Our team across Irealnd have expertise in the underlying technologies that power the cloud, in realising the business opportunities the cloud creates, and in providing the service and delivery models that give you access to the cloud. We have invested considerably in our own expertise and resources for the cloud: it means we are ideally placed to help you define, plan and implement the cloud strategy that will best benefit your business.

Logicalis Ireland can help you adjust to the changing IT landscape with the full range of IBM cloud options, providing a secure and consistent Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions.

Cloud computing offers organisations immense increase in agility and efficiency and its innovation ensures rapid, cost-effective delivery of products and services. It enables users to get what they need, as they need it from advanced analytics and business applications to IT infrastructure and platform services, including virtual servers and storage.

Implementing a cloud computing model ensures:

Encouraging innovation by simplifying and standardizing underlying infrastructure.

Let the team at Logicalis put our industry experience to work for you in developing a cloud solution that meets your business needs.