Blog : 5 Benefits of a Cloud-First Approach

Logicalis Ireland, the IT Solutions and Managed Services provider, recently announced that it digitally transformed the IT environment and approach of a customer working in the financial services sector to deliver greater flexibility, productivity and security for the organisation.

The Dublin-based firm, which has a global presence, provides a range of financial services including financial reporting and transaction services, insurance and reinsurance, and investment management.

Logicalis Ireland rolled out Microsoft Azure as the new cloud solution, alongside Check Point security technology and its LogiGuard managed service support offering as part of the digital transformation project. Today we take a closer look at the benefits of a cloud-first approach for the customer…

Greater productivity

The cloud-based environment and strategy has enabled the financial services provider to move away from a physical data centre approach and deliver higher availability to users, as well as better flexibility and enhanced productivity. In turn, this means the team can operate more efficiently, achieve greater output and focus on more business-critical tasks and projects.

Enhanced security

As well as implementing Microsoft Azure as the cloud solution, Check Point technology was also deployed to enhance security for the business. In addition to day-to-day protection, the Check Point technologies implemented provide a degree of redundancy in the event that a breach or serious incident occurs, or backup is needed.

More scalable

As the technologies provided are subscription-based, they are constantly being updated to provide the latest versions to the financial services provider. Moreover, the IT environment is scalable and adaptable to the company’s evolving needs, thus future-proofing their IT operations and supporting company growth.

Reduced costs

The management and maintenance of the cloud-based IT infrastructure has become much easier for the customer, from installing security updates to adding more resource to the cloud environment – an activity the team can now complete in minutes, rather than days. As well as freeing up resources, a cloud-first approach also helps to reduce the upfront capital costs associated with a physical outlay.

Expanded offering

With a more effective and secure IT environment, the financial services provider is now able to broaden its service offering and is better positioned to meet the requirements of the local team.

One of the other benefits that the customer noted from its digital transformation journey was dealing with one provider and having the additional managed service support from the Logicalis Ireland team via LogiGuard. A cloud-native solution, LogiGuard provides 24/7 support to the financial services firm. Not only that, it also delivers a centralised interface for monitoring and managing security across the new environment, helping to reduce operational overheads and delivering wraparound protection for the organisation.

Overall, a cloud-first approach is benefitting this business in many ways. Even more important though is the ability of the solutions to evolve with the company and adapt to its future requirements. Of course, the advantages of cloud can only be realised when the right solution is identified, alongside the surrounding technologies and support to compliment it.

To find out how your business could benefit from cloud or other technologies and managed services, get in touch with the expert Logicalis Ireland team today! As Architects of Change and digital transformation specialists, we are equipped to help simplify complex IT and support your organisation.