Blog: 5 Ways LogiGuard & Azure Sentinel Can Help Secure Your Business

The past year has presented multiple challenges for many organisations. Fortunately, technology has been somewhat of a hero, helping enterprises to embrace digital transformation, maintain business operations and secure remote working for their teams.

As dispersed workforces became the norm, cybersecurity inevitably took centre stage and the risk of attacks rose. In fact, the Proofpoint - 2020 State of the Phish Report found that 88% of organisations worldwide experienced spear phishing attempts last year.

In other words, the ability for companies to be able to safeguard their people, information and systems has never been more crucial – nor has finding the right technologies and partners to ensure the best-in-class protection.

With that in mind, we are hosting a 40-minute webinar at the end of the month to talk about the benefits that LogiGuard (our cloud hosted security managed service offering) and Azure Sentinel can deliver for organisations.

These include…

  1. More automation

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration Automated Response (SOAR) capabilities are more automated thus providing the investigation and remediation recommendations for threats. 

  1. Enhanced safeguards

As well as network gateway security and advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), these solutions deliver ongoing alerts and a centralised management interface, therefore enhancing and boosting the protection around and within the IT environment. 

  1. Greater control
    With the single platform and centralised management function, organisations can also take more control, access deeper insights and enjoy greater visibility across their users, devices, applications and infrastructures. 
  1. Better compliance

Ensuring cloud compliance to regulatory standards and assessing security posture is vital. With the right Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution, companies can easily detect and resolve governance, risk and compliance issues.

  1. Increased scalability

Having a scalable security foundation not only helps a business to limit its exposure to potential risks, it also provides full flexibility for additional requirements and can help to reduce operational costs both now and in the future.

LogiGuard, supported by Microsoft Azure Sentinel and built on Azure infrastructure, can secure your systems, simplify complex IT and scale to your future needs. To find out more about this offering and our expertise as an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider, register today for our webinar on March 30th.