HEAnet Conference 2019

The Galmont Hotel, Galway

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The landscape of the Irish education sector is changing at a scale and pace like never before. Irish colleges and universities are competing globally for students and academics. Cumulative funding cuts, over a period of years, has dramatically reduced the budget available to maintain, enhance and develop the learning environment through facilities and equipment. Simultaneously, the education sector has had to address the challenges posed by some of the most important data protection changes in the recent years, including GDPR.

To ensure sustainability in the future, third level institutions will need to leverage new digital capabilities offered by emerging technologies. Innovations such as virtual classrooms and mobile learning apps, combined with collaborative learning, will help them stay relevant for academics, staff and students. Cloud Computing, a prerequisite of any digital transformation, will offer increased mobility, more detailed data insights, greater process efficiency and optimised costs. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning – including Virtual Reality and chatbots – will offer educational institutions invaluable communication, engagement and differentiation opportunities.

Join Logicalis at the 2019 HEAnet Conference and discover how we are supporting clients in the education sector.


Logicalis in the Education Sector

Architecture, Hybrid Cloud and Digital Ready Infrastructure

Logicalis can make complex IT work simply. We have the necessary skills and experience, across the entire IT infrastructure, to support educational institutions in modernising their IT technologies, systems and strategies. Through our unique engagement framework, we assist organisations in developing a foundation for digital transformation that delivers agility in an environment that is adaptable, automated and secure. We enable transformational projects by following a defined process across Datacentre, Hybrid Cloud, Software Defined Networking, Security and Application Services.

Each customer’s journey is unique and we endeavour to identify and implement the right, high-quality solutions for their individual needs. Our focus is on the outcome, as opposed to the process. We ensure that onsite data centres, as well as public and hybrid cloud systems, work together flawlessly. We have proven skills in improving IT performance, efficiency and reliability, while supporting greater collaboration and the flexibility to access the network from anywhere. Reduced Government support has seen budgets tighten and universities become more cost-conscious. Our hybrid cloud solutions will allow universities to remove barriers to digital disruption, shape change and take advantage of consumption-based IT models.

AI and Machine Learning

Logicalis helps organisations adopt AI technologies, transform business models and build capability. We enable this through our suite of innovative AI tools and services, developed specifically to meet the challenges of deploying Machine Learning technologies into organisations.

We can help bring thought-leadership and a pragmatic approach for building AI capability in enterprises. We shape strategy to monetise data and knowledge assets, providing technology appraisals and due diligence services. We specialise in application design and implementation to deliver scalable AI applications. Logicalis Ireland will work with you first to fully understand your information needs, as well as evaluate your systems and level of data maturity. We then proceed to design a solution tailored to those unique needs.

Digital and Cyber Security

Logicalis delivers end-to-end cyber security services – helping educational institutions to assess, protect, prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats. Campus Networks are plagued by unique security challenges, such as home-grown hackers, network visitors, countless personal devices and decentralised control centres comprised of potentially incompatible products and applications from various vendors. As a trusted provider, Logicalis Ireland excels in helping organisations become more resilient, protect their infrastructure and adopt systems that tackle issues before they arise.

Our security specialists assist customers in qualifying their security posture and provide advice and guidance on maintaining or improving that posture. We offer a wide selection of key security services, from response services to security analytics, and leverage dedicated security professionals with specialist skills to ensure universities are better prepared and protected. On an ongoing basis, we help campuses perform periodic assessments of their data security systems, evaluate their vigilance and make the necessary upgrades to keep data secure.