Webinar: Enhance your data security with NSX micro-segmentation & CloudGuard

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Webinar Overview  

Many of the recent high-profile data centre breaches highlight the need to move beyond traditional approaches to network security that focus on securing the data centre perimeter. Micro-segmentation from NSX coupled with advanced protection from Checkpoint CloudGuard enables a fundamentally more secure data centre and hybrid cloud deployment while preventing threats that have penetrated perimeter defenses from moving laterally within the data centre.

Join our webinar where Mateja Jovanovic, European Chief Technologist for Hybrid Cloud with Logicalis, will discuss using 'micro-segmentation' to extend traditional perimeter data security defences across internal east west traffic.

Having successfully led several large NSX technology implementations, Mat will draw on his real-world experiences to outline what drove customers to select VMware NSX, the benefits that they realised following implementation, and the components of a successful implementation project.

Use cases on the day will include a financial organisation, a service provider and a utilities company. 

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