Case Study: Financial services provider future-proofs its IT environment and approach as it makes the move to cloud

  • Sector: Financial Services
  • Location: Dublin
  • Solutions: Microsoft Azure, Check Point security, LogiGuard 

One of our customers, an organisation working in the financial services sector, adopted a cloud-based strategy to deliver greater availability, flexibility and productivity for the local team, whilst also enhancing security and reducing costs for the global business. 

Financial services provider future-proofs its IT environment and approach as it makes the move to cloud

The Dublin- based customer, which has a global presence, provides a range of financial services including financial reporting and transaction services, insurance and reinsurance, and investment management.

In 2020, a strategic decision was made by the company to move away from a physical data centre approach and adopt a cloud-first strategy. The objective was to provide higher availability to users, as well as better flexibility and enhanced productivity. Moreover, the customer needed a solution within a short timeframe as its existing data centre contract was expiring.

A spokesperson for the financial services firm says: “With a physical IT environment, we found it increasingly difficult to monitor and maintain our hardware capabilities in order to support evolving business and customer requirements. That’s not to mention that it was proving to be very time-consuming and expensive to maintain – creating a drain on our resources.”


The company engaged Logicalis Ireland and following in-depth consultation, it was decided that the cloud system of choice was Microsoft Azure, with Check Point as the accompanying security solution. Not only did the financial services provider need an IT infrastructure that could optimise performance, but it also required an environment that would be both secure and scalable for the future.

Simon Sharkey, Cloud Practice Lead in Logicalis Ireland, explains: “We took a very consultative approach to this digital transformation project. As well as design, we had to think about the data centre migration and security elements as well. It was imperative that we reviewed a number of technologies and identified the right one for the specific needs of the customer as they made the move to cloud.”

With the new environment, the company has the ability to broaden the services it provides and better meet the requirements of the local team through greater availability and accessibility. The use of cloud-based network gateways has removed the static limitations of on-premise appliances. More often than not, the team was faced with obstacles when managing and relying upon its previous physical IT environment. Now, however, they enjoy more flexibility and enhanced productivity as the system is more efficient. Moreover, gateways can be applied across a multi-cloud environment and scaled to meet the organisations needs.

The customers spokesperson explains: “Adopting a cloud-first approach means that our environment is now highly scalable and therefore can better support our growth. It also helps to reduce the upfront capital costs associated with a physical outlay. Logicalis Ireland really helped us to determine the best option to deliver cost savings, as well as long-term efficiency, flexibility and security. From a maintenance perspective, it is much easier for the team to install security updates and quicker to add more resource to the cloud environment – we can do this in minutes, rather than days. Downtime has been minimised as well, thus boosting our overall productivity and output.”  

Furthermore, because the technologies provided are subscription-based, they are constantly evolving and being updated to provide the latest versions to the financial services firm. While there is only so much a business can get from a physical IT environment, a cloud approach offers much greater fluidity and functionality. As well as more capabilities, the management and maintenance of the cloud-based IT infrastructure is far easier for the small team. In turn, this enables them to focus on more business-critical tasks and projects.

The integration of the Check Point security solution into the cloud environment also delivers greater protection for the customer – again, this protection is not only fit for what the firm is doing now but can be scaled for the future. As well as day-to-day security, the Check Point technologies implemented by Logicalis Ireland provide a degree of redundancy in the event that a breach or serious incident occurs, or backup is needed.


The financial services provider has adopted core technology from across both Microsoft Azure and Check Point – core technology that forms part of LogiGuard, Logicalis Ireland’s cloud-based security managed service. Through LogiGuard, the Logicalis Ireland security/cloud managed services team delivers ongoing consultancy, advice, prevention support and maintenance in relation to the new Microsoft environment. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the expert Logicalis Ireland team is on hand for onboarding, alignment and management of the end-to-end IT infrastructure and security.

A cloud-native solution, LogiGuard is also highly scalable which means as the financial services provider adopts other frameworks and brings other capabilities online, they can all be integrated and secured together. As well as mitigating risks and vulnerabilities, this also helps to reduce operational overheads and delivers wraparound protection for the organisation.

Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, LogiGuard provides a clear, single and centralised interface to view and manage the multiple functions of security across the environment. Therefore, the management of this area of the business is streamlined and reduces cyber-risk through more effective threat prediction, detection, remediation and prevention.

The customers spokesperson comments: “One of the biggest benefits of working with Logicalis Ireland is that we are working with one provider who looks after the overarching solution, as opposed to the individual technologies. The team is always available when we need, and the ongoing support provided is invaluable. This expertise across both cloud and security is exactly why we chose Logicalis Ireland and will continue to collaborate with them in the future.”

Sharkey adds: “There are other aspects to be rolled out in relation to this project and at the heart of those will be the secure cloud-first strategy, Check Point security and LogiGuard support. Our aim here is to create a framework for the customer that can evolve and grow, whilst remaining reliable, manageable and secure.”