GDPR Readiness Assessment

Businesses of all shapes and sizes depend on data to function. The handling, processing and securing the data is the responsibility of the entire business. GDPR is a regulatory act designed to synchronise data privacy laws across Europe through rigorous standards and stringent compliance measures.

A Failure to meet these criteria of the GDPR will lead to fines of up to €20m or 4% of annual worldwide turnover.

Addressing what you need to do before the May 2018 deadline can seem like a daunting task with multiple moving parts that need to be addressed.

In repsonse to this, the Logicalis Advisory Services team have developed a landscape assessment methodology that will allow us to understand and frame your thoughts on your journey to compliance.

The GDPR Data Readiness Assessment will help you answer a key question – Where am I on my journey to compliance? Investigating elements of your organisational landscape will produce an ‘as is’ assessment, where Logicalis will be able to gauge where you are on a standardised maturity curve, considering all things around security and data readiness.

To find out more about how Logicalis can support your organisation on its journey to compliance please download the Readiness Assessment and contact us at