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Application Performance Management

Application landscapes continue to evolve. They are increasingly using services from various data centres and cloud environments. This makes it harder to ensure service quality with pure infrastructure-focused metrics. Application Performance Management (APM) enables seamless monitoring of application landscapes and helps to ensure the expected level of service. APM is the translation of IT metrics into real, added value. 

Business Benefits:

  • Accelerated deployment through automation
  • Monitoring the application landscape
  • Reduction of costs
  • Detailed data for developers to identify code problems
  • Better application performance
  • Improvement of service quality
APM for your business

APM for your business

In the digital age, every touch of a customer or employee in your buiness applications is both a risk and an opportunity. Because only if the performance is right will the user experience be right. But how do you ensure your applciations are always available? And how can you guarantee that performance won't degrade, even at peak times? With AppDynamics, a solution from Cisco, we have the asnwers to these questions.

AppDynamics enables automated and cross-platform monitoring of performance across applications, middleware, databases, networks, and servers. Real-time analytics instantly identifies deviations in performance - on-premise or in the cloud. To increase the performance of your applications and business success in the digital business. 

As an AppDynamics partner, Logicalis accompanies you throughout the entire application performance management planning and implementation. We help you reduce application and infrastructure costs and make the benefits of APM tangible:

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