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Professional Services

Your IT team needs to stay focused on core competencies and support your business. They don’t have time to re-invent the wheel every time a new solution is implemented. Our professional service teams bring years of experience to every task.

Logicalis’ highly trained and experienced technical consultants and engineers provide a wide range of professional services that focus precisely on your organisation’s IT needs.

The business benefits

  • Access to technologists with high-level certifications and diverse experience
  • Reduced reliance on the skills and specialist knowledge of individuals  
  • Implementation of industry recognised best practices
  • Reduced risk
  • Knowledge share
  • Your IT team is freed up to focus on core competencies
Engaging with Logicalis

Engaging with Logicalis

Our teams of highly skilled and accredited engineers are available for short-term strategic consulting engagements that typically involve one to two weeks of work.  Typical engagements would include infrastructure assessments, Cloud, ISO, security compliance and cyber assessments.

In addition, we work on longer-term contracts of three or six months’ duration. These are typically large projects such as infrastructure migration, integration or consolidation that might involve making the transition from one environment to another, moving to cloud, multiple data centres to a single site, or implementing large-scale disaster recovery infrastructure.

The Logicalis Professional Services team are highly accredited and experienced in specifying and implementing technology solutions for clients.  As an integral part of the Logicalis team, they benefit from access to the expertise of our in-house technologists who are tasked with remaining ahead of the latest trends in technology. When needed, they have access to product experts through our strategic partnerships with leading industry vendors such as IBM, NetApp, Cisco, HPE, Citrix, Oracle, ServiceNow and VMware.