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Professional Services

Your IT team needs to stay focused on core competencies and support your business. They don’t have time to re-invent the wheel every time a new solution is implemented. Our professional service teams bring years of experience to every task.

Logicalis’ highly trained and experienced technical consultants and engineers provide a wide range of professional services that focus precisely on your organisation’s IT needs.

The business benefits

  • Access to technologists with high-level certifications and diverse experience
  • Reduced reliance on the skills and specialist knowledge of individuals  
  • Implementation of industry recognised best practices
  • Reduced risk
  • Knowledge share
  • Your IT team is freed up to focus on core competencies
Specialist Consulting Services

Specialist Consulting Services

A constant challenge for any organisation is ensuring that they have the skills that they need when they need them, while at the same time managing headcount constraints and costs; such as recruitment, training, salaries and pensions. This is particularly the case when it comes to IT staff where the dynamic nature of many IT projects, such as a new infrastructure rollout, an infrastructure refresh or the implementation of a new software solution, can create peaks and troughs in resourcing demands. 

To meet these challenges, many organisations are partnering with specialist technology companies, such as Logicalis.  Such technology providers will typically have access to multidisciplinary IT professionals who are skilled in a variety of technologies because of the work they carry out.

Professional Services Solutions