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Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

The relationship between IT departments and their business customers is changing. One key change is in their expectations of business customers. These are being driven by what they can buy and use instantly from the Apple store.

They now expect the CIO and the IT department to deliver new software and services at exactly the same pace. And when the IT department can’t give them whatever they need whenever they need it, they simply buy it elsewhere.  

The business benefits

  • Faster response to changing business demands and new service provisioning
  • More satisfying user experience for business applications
  • Reduced costs for resource requests, adds, moves and changes
  • Improved service uptime metrics
  • Contains complexity and risk
Build a Software Defined Platform

Build a Software Defined Platform

The ‘Software Defined Platform’

Logicalis supports its customers as they undertake their journey to the service defined enterprise. We can show you how the ‘service defined’ approach creates greater agility and closer alignment between your IT organisation and the people, and the business, it supports.

‘Software Defined’ will transform networking and data centre infrastructures into service platforms. These provide the foundations on which service defined enterprises will be built, with internal enterprise service providers (previously referred to as IT departments) playing a valuable advising and enabling role.