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  • Cloud Service Integration

    IT by Wire: Cloud Service Integration

    Cloud Service Integration accelerates the integration and deployment of services across the enterprise, from traditional on-premises IT systems to private, public and hybrid clouds.

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    Cloud Service Integration
  • Converged Infrastructure

    IT by Wire: Converged Infrastructure

    Traditionally, data centre resources are put in place to address a specific need. Over time this approach has spawned twin challenges for the CIO: siloed architectures and IT sprawl.

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    Converged Infrastructure
  • Instrumentation & Analytics

    IT by Wire: Instrumentation & Analytics

    Logicalis' Instrumentation layer provides element and systems management for all the core data centre technologies.

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    Instrumentation & Analytics
  • Virtualisation

    IT by Wire: Virtualisation

    Virtualisation, a key component in an IT by Wire driven Service Defined Infrastructure, presents resources, such as compute, storage, security and networking as independent of their physical devices.

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Driving with data: aligning IT and business in equal measure

Measuring IT value has been problematic because technology touches every part of a business. For that reason, it’s been difficult to attribute any incremental improvements in each area specifically to IT doing a better job.

Making logical use of data

Global systems integrator Logicalis helps businesses across the board to make sense of customer needs, meaning IT departments in financial services businesses can now lead the way in transforming businesses to become more responsive to customer needs – something that is essential in a world dominated by e-commerce and online interactions.

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